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There are many opportunities for you to work with MostWantedDomains can help establish your online presence or expand a current advertising campaign through its network of domains and websites. We own over 50,000 premium domain names and have specific traffic sources and advertising opportunities in every industry. With hundreds of domain names in your particular industry, we are open to various joint venture projects. Our specified domain names are related to a myriad of industry-related topics that you can search through. In addition to securing a good domain name, we also offer our customers lots of traffic and various strategic advertising solutions.

Your business can utilize direct navigation domain names that enable users to type in a keyword directly into the address bar of their internet browser to reach a site. Typically users search in the internet address bar and they are searching in the same way that they think – often in generic terms or sometimes in more specific terms – in accordance with their priorities.

Type-in traffic going to superior domain names ensures both continual and highly targeted traffic. Superior domain names create traffic volume and both an effective brand and business impact. Your business can gain a competitive edge by negotiating and acquiring our domains. Your business can take direction from us on how to match the intent of the user and intent of the advertiser, so as not to waste the valuable traffic going to your domain.

Among the portfolios of thousands of web addresses that has amassed there are scores of domain names ideally suited for direct navigation and pay-per-click advertisements from services such as Google Inc. or Yahoo Inc. With our services, direct navigation can enable your business to make a sizable profit.

Contact us today to discuss many options for your business in online advertising and targeted traffic.

Direct Navigation

Direct navigation is a common search method for computer users, and a premium source of traffic to your website. Typically users type a generic keyword for something they want to find into their internet browser in the URL address bar, and they are instantly able to find products or services in one step. This process is also known as ëtype-in trafficí, rather than the typical traffic generating processes such as links and search engines.

Your business can benefit from direct navigation by purchasing a highly effective domain name that will be brandable, and that will generate a large amount of traffic. Contact us about direct navigation options for your business.

Online Advertising Industry Trends

Online advertising is a growing industry. In the UK alone, by 2007  the value of Britain's Internet advertising market will double surpassing the commercial radio sector, the IAB UK predicted. In the USA, online advertising - not including search advertising (which is a sizable portion) - is expected to grow approximately 9.1 percent in 2006. This will account for 6 percent of the total spent on all advertising this year. According to the CEO and President for Media Intelligence, Steven Fredericks, "If you add search it [online advertising] will exceed 10 percent [of all ad spend], which is a fairly major milestone." With 10 percent of total advertising spending in the USA going online, the total for online advertising is estimated to reach $152.3 billion in 2006.

Today, globally savvy marketers are investing more than ever before online, and online advertising is being used increasingly by mainstream marketers as well. Advertisers go online to build brands and generate responses and sales.

There are many reasons to advertise online. Computer users and consumers are spending more time online with more widespread internet access than ever before. There are an increasing number of advertisers hungry for targeted traffic and they are willing to pay for this traffic. Pay-per-click advertising is prompting increases in the number of domain-name sales and the dollar value of deals. Businesses are also gaining a more sophisticated understanding about online branding and advertising. Industry standardization has illustrated the maturation of the industry and translates into less risky profits and guaranteed results.

Businesses have a variety of strategies in order to remain more relevant to consumers and clients. More and more online agencies are stepping up their online investments in various forms of search marketing, which is estimated at around the $5.1 billion mark. Online advertising is growing more than traditional advertising, and includes both search marketing and search engine optimization, which both tap into consumers’ seemingly limitless demands for finding information on the Internet. In one eMarketer forecast, search engine marketing alone is speculated to climb to almost $6.5 billion this year, and to reach more than $10 billion by 2009.

The surge reported in online advertising is also a contributing factor to the increasing number of registered web addresses. World-wide, the total number of registered domains was at 85.6 million in the third quarter this year, up from 66.3 million in the year-earlier period, according to VeriSign Inc., the company that manages the registry of domain names ending in .com and .net. It is also estimated that about 10% of all .com and .net domains were registered and created to host pay-per-click advertising.

Search engines have also benefited from the growth of online advertising and paid-search advertising. Goggle’s profit increased from $721 million to $343 million in one year, and goggle’s revenue jumped up to a high $2.46 billion. Google’s doubling profits were highly indicative of the monetary strength the online advertising industry has to offer.

Domain parking is another popular industry service that enables a renter of a domain to create a page filled with advertisements. Significant revenue can also be gained from domain parking. For text ads often found on these pages, it is estimated that revenue will total upward of $400 to $600 million this year and may reach $1 billion by 2007. Analysts from Susquehanna Financial Group have estimated that revenue from the entire online advertising market will reach about $21 billion this year, an increase of around $6 billion from last year.

Most notable in all sectors of the online advertising industry is the trend of increased profits being sustained which has lead to a record number of unique businesses getting involved.

There are various prospects for you and your business. If you would like to work with on advertising and industry-specific targeted traffic, we would like to hear from you.


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