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Domain Capital announces Premium Domain Name financing.

Strategic financial business services.

It’s not rocket science: In the exploding marketplace of the Internet, your domain name could be the single most valuable asset in your business. It’s just as true, whether you conduct business online, offline, or both: Success begins and ends with a strategic, premium domain name.

So it stands to reason that the choice of a domain name could be one of the most critical business decisions you’ll ever make. It could also be among the most expensive.

That’s why Domain Capital, a financial services organization with a 20-year track record in leasing technology equipment, is now pioneering a new product for Internet-savvy companies: Premium Domain Name financing. This revolutionary new service provides a ready source of asset-based, working capital that leverages the inherent and recognized value of a premium domain name.

Premium Domain Name financing.

A financial service whose time has come. Finally.

As if any more validation about the importance of the Internet to business were needed, consider these key facts:

- Domain name registrations are near 90 million, up 28% since 2004
- 8.1 million new domain names are being registered every three months
- Total number of .com and .net domain names are now at 44.2 million.

With numbers like these, is it any surprise that simple, powerful, single word domains are virtually nonexistent? At the same time, consumers and businesses are proving they want straightforward, easy to remember, descriptive domains to make searches easier and to minimize market confusion. These two, seemingly conflicting, dynamics have led to a rapidly growing secondary market in premium domain names. Costs ranging from $5,000 to $250,000 are now commonplace for good domain names, while super-premium domains fetch upwards of $2,000,000 and higher. And these price tags aren’t arbitrary. Valuation services are establishing benchmark values in the ancillary Internet marketplace.

Recognizing the strategic need businesses have for domain names, and aware that third-party appraisals can now establish a neutral basis for trade, Domain Capital is the first financial organization to provide a unique and affordable source of leveraged capital, one based on the value of premium Internet domain names.

Three types of clients. Three types of benefit. One kind of value.

With a 20-year track record in technology leasing, substantial financial resources, and first-to-market status, Domain Capital is the most respected, most relied-upon provider of business capital in a rapidly growing new sector. Our experience at providing financial services to organizations in highly competitive, fast-paced industries, and to forge close, working partnerships with customers, is the foundation for our reputation of quality, trust, integrity, and market leadership.

Domain Capital’s services target three audiences:

Portfolio Owners

Do you own a portfolio of Premium Domain Names? Are you looking to start building a Premium Domain Name portfolio?
Domain Capital can help you by providing an infusion of asset-based, working capital into your business from a completely unexpected source: the premium domain names in your portfolio. Leveraging this valuable source of capital enables you to reduce your time to market without encumbering personal or other assets your company needs to grow. Instead you can use that capital to acquire additional, strategic domains, or to re-invest in the properties you currently own. Just as important, you’ve gained a partner with a unique understanding of Internet businesses.

New Businesses

Are you starting a new business and need to purchase the ideal domain name? Domain Capital can finance the domain or domains you need to get your new business off the ground quickly and successfully. Domain Capital will let you free up working capital your business needs to become a profitable operation. This ready source of capital reduces time-to-market while it lessens potential interference from traditional funding sources. You can use that capital to acquire additional, strategic domains while you gain a partner with a unique understanding of business.

Internet Registry and Transaction Brokers

Are you in the business of buying and selling Premium Domain names to a secondary market?
If you have a buyer that doesn’t have the capital ready at the time of purchase, Domain Capital can step in and provide financing for the purchase. Domain Capital’s unique business accelerates your closure rate, reduces your sales cycle and, most importantly, provides an important value-added service to your customers.

Contact us for additional informatoin:

For further information on financing your next domain purchase with us, contact us by clicking here


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