Have you reached our site from an unwanted email advertisement?

As purchasers of many previously owned websites and domain names, there have been instances where we have found a newly acquired domain name has used "spam" to advertise the old site. Mostly this was done by either the previous owner or someone simply trying to cause havoc on our new domain name. Please understand this is not us. We do not, nor ever will participate in this illegal activity. Both our company, as well as you the recipient of these unwanted advertisements, are the victims of this unethical practice.

We take anyone using our company name or falsely representing a domain name we own very seriously. Even though we are not responsible for distributing these messages in any way, it is appreciated that anyone receiving a message linking to our site through an email advertisement reports it to us. Doing so not only makes us aware of what domains are being used in these emails, but also helps in our attempt to find out who IS responsible for this illegal activity enabling us to prosecute them. If you have received a "spam" message which links directly to our website, please click the "Next" link below and follow the instructions to submit it to us. PLEASE only submit email advertisements which you have found to link directly to our website as these are the only ones we can investigate. Submitting false pieces of "spam" which do not link to our site only adds to the problem, and exhausts our time which could be used to find the senders of the "spam".

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